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Inspiration behind J.C.B. School /Rajwanti Public Academy

"The disparity that has existed in India all around me in clear view has always tugged at my heartstrings and I have felt compelled to devise ways to erase it however I could.
 When I was six years old, I would take bags full of food, laddoo ( Indian sweets), mathri (Indian salty crackers), fruits, nuts - whatever I found in my Grandmother's pantry - and give it to poor kids on an almost daily basis. I did not understand why we stored good food when starving children were right outside my door.
As I grew up, I saw hunger in the eyes of  children my age who were refugees in Delhi from Pakistan after the 1947 partition of India. They yearned for warm sweaters in the winter and the food their more fortunate classmates enjoyed. I saw the incredibly desperate need, and no alternative but to help.
I have experienced the joy of sharing my blessings with children who live on the street so they could become successful and independent. Early on I realized I could afford to give a small amount of support that had an amazing potential to change a life for the better. This was an incredibly empowering realization for a child and it continues to motivate me to this day."

​Promilla Gupta

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" To better lives of impoverished children through improving literacy,nutrition and vocational skills of youngsters."​

Education is an empowering tool!
Maybe if every one did a little bit to help educate, things would start looking better.