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Tarini was supported by YES into advanced computer education, and through her MBA(Masters in Business Administration) She is a professor at a local Meerut university.

Anju was one of the girls in the orphanage and went on to pursue some computer education. Then, she went to nursing school and is now a successful, practicing nurse. Now she has earned enough to get her younger brother and sister a job and got them married .

Deepa was also a child from the orphanage and is now a receptionist and is self-independent .

YES found Vicky in the orphanage, he was in 8th class at the time. He went on to be an accountant at Indian Institute of Management Training. After several years of accounting, he joined a partnership and founded a Security Agency where he now works.

Sunita was supported by YES through the Shahnaz Husain Cosmetology training school and is now a certified cosmetologist.

Deepmala now sells orthopedic equipment and is fully self sufficient.

He studied at Rajwanti till 3rd grade and passed 7th grade entrance examination in Meerut City Entrance Examination.He is currently doing B.Tech.

Other students

Rashmi, Renu, Kuldeep, Yogendre, Pooja, Rashmi, and Renu were all enrolled in a typing course and are continuing with their studies today.
Mintoo Singh, Ajay Kumar, Tirath Ram, and Itvari all learned driving and became respectable chauffeurs.

J.C. Bilingual School continues to help provide support and monitor his progress as he moves through Engineering College.
Although YES has taught over 1,000 kids in the last decade, only a fraction continue with their studies. Disappointing as it is, the few lives YES impacts is enough to continue the work in the school.

Meet Our Graduates

Most of the kids who attended the free schools were destined to be uneducated their entire life. The best jobs they would find would be in masonry-laying stones, marbles, and doing tile work as well as fixing mobile phones part time. These jobs have minimal pay and few workers can be financially independent and comfortably support a family. With these free schools, children have an incentive to educate themselves. Through higher education, they can pursue better jobs with a more reliable and stable pay. These are the students who decided to pursue higher education after being inspired by the free school.

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