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Jai Chandra Bilingual School (JCBS) is a non profit organization registered in US since 1983. Donations to JCBS provide the funds to operate Rajwanti Public Tutorial Center in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. 

Youth Empowerment Society is a sister organization of JCBS and is registered in India since 2002. Our mission is to better lives of impoverished children through improving literacy, nutrition and vocational skills of youngsters.

English Translation of the Newspaper Articles

Article Published in Dainik Jaagran on May 1, 2007 (left)

The local free school in Meerut, UP, teaches kids up to the 6th grade. The teachers at the school have a meager salary and are not working for the money but rather the fulfillment received from helping these poor children. The children are provided with books, stationary, and notebooks from the school - something uncommon to other schools in the area.

One grateful young student says, "My dad sells ice cream and doesn't have money to educate me but because of this school, I am able to study." Another young boy told reporters, "My dad does cleaning work and wasn't planning on educating me. If I hadn't come to this school, I would have never learned to read and write."

Article Published in Dainik Jagran on April 22, 2010 (below)

This school is working for the betterment of society- as society gets more educated, many things will fall into place. Metropolitan cities have a higher literacy rate and are cleaner and more civilized- poor urban areas will follow suit as they receive more education.

These kids, by attending this school, not only are receiving a basic education, but are understanding their civic duties and will be ideal citizens. In 2010, there were 124 children in the school, and a ratio of 30 students to 1 teacher. In other schools, the ratio is commonly 90 children to 1 teacher. 

Due to the greater one-on-one attention and much perseverance of the principal and teachers, this school has an excellent curriculum and the graduates are as well prepared as private school students. 

Note: Photo in each article is of Ms. Dipti Mithal,
Director and Facilitator of Rajwanti Academy